Monday, June 18, 2012

Innovation put into Focus

Last few months to almost a year now has been somewhat challenging for many people ( I was referring to 2009). The economic slowdown inflicted directly or indirectly from the collapse of loan system and ultimately the banking system slowly sink in to almost every industry and alerted an immediate caution in all organization and individuals alike. Given the gloom outlook, people stop buying, organization produce less, less worker needed, subsequently retrenchment is a continuous and vicious cycle that affect worldwide economy almost every 10 year cycle.

My thought would be to save up for the rainy days ahead and caution on spending my pocket money. Is there more to it? No.... wait.... What happen 5 years from now and during that time, can I or the organization I work in continue to challenge the market space and market segment we are in? Why I ask this question is because every economic downturn, and its eventual recovery (it will always recover), and at that time, where am I or my organization?

Innovation is never a one time thing, it should be ingrained in the K-economy. In the K-economy, people contribute best by inter-mixing and sharing knowledge to be put to innovative use. Knowledge on its own is of not much use, knowledge overloading would be the same as well, meaning if you do buy 1000 books and not reading it at all, is no use. Now knowledge shared and applied is the key to opening up the k-economy. The best way I can think of is then by applying and using Internet sharing and collaboration tools which by the day is increasingly entrenched into our every day life, that innovation begins to flourish. By sharing and tossing ideas with almost anyone connected to the Internet in this planet, we have a platform for success.

With the technology, we are continuously being challenged, in terms of producing our work the most efficient and effective way. We continuously improve on the things we work on and perhaps to a certain extend revolutionize the way we work. Of course the pressure on workers or entrepreneurs of our time increases as well, as more people are being enabled, those of us who did not keep striving and improving will then fall behind, especially those involved in the Internet businesses.

Perhaps it is time to move a gear and ask what can we Evolutionize in our organization today. The challenge to do so has never been stronger. And the need to do so has never been more urgent. It is interesting to see the rise of Samsung and Apple iPhone to topple Nokia and Sony Ericsson almost out of existence as far as I am concerned. Success today just takes a matter of months to be toppled, evidently from what we see with Nokia and Sony.

I can only conclude that the opportunity is great, and the challenge seems greater. Hitting success may just be a start, and if not maintained will go the very next day. We have to be on our feet, whatever we do, to ensure that we stay at the top of our game. The tools available to us today, is helping us and also putting pressure on us to buck up, as we can be easily overtaken if we do not concentrate on the tasks at hand.

~~~ Life is an adventure where we search for the meaning of the outcome.
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