Friday, November 28, 2008

Orang Asli Mission Trip (Day 1)

The journey starts from church where we travel first to Seremban -> Senawang -> Kuala Pilah -> Kampung Bukit Serok. The journey was somewhat weird. As I have motion sickness, I couldn't or wouldn't want to remember too much about the trip prior to me driving. I just closed my eyes so that I wouldn't fall sick of my motion sickness which I have been having since I was a kid. I was driving my teammate's car (Camry) and I do think that it was much more comfortable then the van, which we decided to use 2 vehicles instead of one because of the amount of load we are transporting. 7 person + loads of stuff including food, stuff and bags.

The van were not so lucky because it wasn't filled with enough water causing it to have to make a half an hour stop at Perhentian Nilai. My teammate meanwhile already drove the Camry all the way to the next stop, having missed the Perhentian Nilai, where we were suppose to meet up. We then met up again at the exit of toll where I became the Camry driver. I am then able to open my eyes and not fall sick, though I have to put a lot of concentration on the road.

We made a stop at Senawang for brunch. It was great, and our team lead seems to know the owner of the shop. They were chatting a bit while plates of food being served. The food is not extraordinary but it was nice and tasty. Enjoyed and happy, I was quite amazed with the ticketing system in Senawang. It seems that we will only pay the parking when someone put a ticket on your windscreen. So if they don't, you don't have to pay. I didn't get one.

Continuing the journey, we went through the windy and hilly roads to Kuala Pilah and then from there we went on our way to Kampung Bukit Serok where the Church is. The journey was OK, coupled with my teammates chatting. It really make time flies. So without knowing, by about 1230pm we arrived already at the Kampung. There is a left and right side to turn in for the Kampung. The church was located on the right, so off we went through. We arrived at the Church and were greeted by Pastor Joham and family.

We have no lunch and since we were scheduled to arrive earlier, straight away, we unpacked, refreshed and set out to prepare for children ministry in the afternoon. Part of the team stayed back to prepare the material for 'Pinochio' while myself and team leader went on to fetch children. The turn out wasn't that fruitful and we have found only handful of kids for the children ministry. Not that it is a bad thing, we were able to teach better, communicate better with a smaller crowd.

Pinocchio mask making

Scrambling for their project

Children sitting in a row

Boy does the kid have fun listening to the story of Pinochio getting a long nose and so on. After learning the values, we top it up with Pinochio mask and chompers making.

Group photo with the kids put on their 'mask'

After that, we cleaned up ourselves and had dinner. Dinner was nothing great, just something pre-prepared and heat up type. Yeah, we did not want to waste too much time on this. After the dinner, we will have to go over one of the houses for Cell Group Meeting. The night turn out was great. We fit in 30 odd people in a house, 80% kids again. So we did a great round of worship and as the adults view a short story on Addiction issue, we brought the kids behind the house for a session of 'Fruit of the Spirit'. It was again very challenging with the kids and some of them are very good boys and girls BUT others were terribly hard to handle.

Singing Praise

Fruits of the Spirit

Kids at Cell Group Night

There we concluded our activities with a lot of fun and had some time for a small supper. Along the way actually we prayed a lot of which I did not mention above. Also the weather was very good, contrary to the weather which is rain every evening back in town. Also we heard from them the weather was raining most of the time, until we came with a lot of prayer for good weather. And God is good indeed for an opportunity for us to conduct activity in good weather.

Learning for the day, at least for myself on the first day is ONE goodness of God in my life TWO God miracles is more apparent here in mission work THREE this trip has a lot to do with kids.... In spite of the need to control this kids really scares me, I had peace in my mind despite my body being very tired. Will talk more about the trip, wait for my posting about Day 2

~~~ Life is an adventure where we search for the meaning of the outcome.

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