Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

My dad is a man with few words. Not that he does not say anything, but I sometimes find it hard to talk to him. The time that I have talked to him, he usually listen quietly, with a frown and later on, he will always come back to me with an answer, guide or already solved that issue for me. Even though he may be busy, he wouldn't dismiss my problem as something trivial and send me off to go find a solution for myself. He'll come back, maybe not immediately, but always ready to offer advice as well as solution and even help me solve the problem itself. That's the way he shows love to me and my siblings.

I remembered there was an occasion that I got stuck in a road accident situation. I was young then, and I panicked. I called him, and he came like 5-10 minutes later, went on and talked to the folks involved and settled the situation immediately. Well, I got a lecture after that, but it feels great to have dad to settle the issues and I still have the feeling up till today that he is capable of handling any situation in the world.

With dad, sometimes, I take things for granted, and I know that I should not. Learning now, really to be more thoughtful wherever possible. As I take care of my son now, I realize how much that dad has sacrificed for us and given his very best for the family. Well he took care of the three of us and I am only taking care of one right now, and already I am exhausted :p And in my dad's case, he has three children, all with our own unique set of needs and wants. He groomed us well, at least in terms of moral value as well as good values in life.

I get grilling all the way from when I was a kid to now an adult, but I know that he has walked the path and just wanted to make sure that we don't fall into the same set of problem all over again. I sometimes don't take it seriously and argue back, but, where I stand right now, I know that all those advice given were for my own good.

Dad gives many small and little advice throughout the years. I think all this forms the my personal value as well as principle in life. I remember a postcard which he sends to me when he was flying off to US to work. It was but a few words and it goes something like this "He who works hard has everything". At that time I was just in early secondary education and that somehow gave me a lot of encouragement as well as enthusiasm at that point of time. I still remember it now and cherish that little but important message he has for me.

My dad is a work-horse. He believes in good work, he believes that we must work our way to success and not by taking short-cuts. He shares with me ideas that he hears from reading as well as from friends that he heard of. Like all dad, he wants the best for me.

Thanks dad for preparing us for everything, and we love you for a great dad that you are.

~~~ Life is an adventure where we search for the meaning of the outcome.
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