Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ethan (2 years 2 months)

What a 2 years old toddler is capable of? He made sure that he tires me enough so that I am not able to try to stay up and watch football at night, and he made sure that I am so tired I couldn't even touch my PC and do some work at home.

By now, he has developed a strong set of teeth, always wanting to munch on something, be it raisin, bread, fruits and of course like every other toddler, he loves sweet stuff, so I have to be very careful what I feed him. We enjoy going to the park as well, walking around, looking around and I notice he loves to observe what other kids are doing, and he later goes and try it out on his own. Not that it is a bad thing, but sometimes it gets real tough trying to tell him not to do what other kids does, especially they are doing, well, dangerous or naughty stuff.

Enjoying himself in the shopping mall

At this stage, he developed a habit of asking questions. He really applied the "5 why" better than the professionals does at work. You know what is 5 why? Well you ask why, you get an answer, and you ask why again based on the answer, and you continue doing that for 5 times to go get to the root cause of issues or problems. So, here he goes asking why for everything under the sun, and I sometimes struggle to give him a simplistic yet logical and truthful answer for him to think about further. I somehow realize from the look of his face, that he is able to think and comprehend a lot more than I can imagine, so I wouldn't want to tell him a lie just to get off my back.

Whatever and however tired, however frustrated, I am going to try to enjoy myself watching him grow up. It is not easy at all but, what is easy in this life that is worth anything to us? Something that worth a lot to us usually requires an equal amount of effort as well. Happy Father's Day to me and all the father out there with toddlers. Thank you Dad.

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