Monday, August 15, 2005

Installation, Training and Standby at D**by Park

It seems funny for me to join my fellow developer to do an installation at D**by Park, near KLCC. What is funnier is that there is 5 of us there. I think we must have frighten the staff and the folks working in D**by Park. It was a wonderful experience for all of us and I thoroughly enjoyed my work there although it was a bit tiring for us.

The first day was on the 10th where I arrived there about 3+ pm. The guys already installed the system. Before I left the office, they have called me numerous times to bring this and that. So, I am travelling with 3 telephone set, a bunch of manuals, some discs and this and that.... My travel there was further hazed with the road seems to be in the middle of some cloud... Everwhere seems clouded with the haze.

Arrived to help up here and there. Do some testing. Watch them do some testing. Show them how things should work, basically learning myself as well as contributing my knowledge.. Went for dinner with the guys... the Naan was crazy... It caused me RM14... phenomenal.. more phenomenal then the haze.

Continued work and before I knew it, it was 1am... went home but was there again the next day... today it was luckier as we had a room to stay in. We used the room phone for testing purpose, but the TV set was so much more entertaining. As it the bathroom. I took the opportunity to bath before I went home that night. It feels great...

I am hoping that the installation is successful. I am hoping everything is smooth. We don't know yet and one of us might go back on Wednesday to check things out. Anyway a good experience and definitely worth going...
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