Saturday, August 06, 2005

Current Status

Firefighting on the existing products. The company felt that it is time to change the current product and replace it with the newer version. Strong push has been applied by management to have the new products rolled out by certain unreasonable time line.
The possibility of me having to approve unqualified product is my concern right now. The status quo is that we must roll out a product within 10 days of its modules integration. It is totally not something that can be achieved. I managed to get the team to calm down and work towards the dateline, doing our very best.
Sometimes I do wonder whether this is something good for the organization and its people or not. But that is the way Malaysian companies stay competitive. Providing the minimum and expecting the maximum. The programmers having learned all this from the predecessor have also been defensive and doing only minimal or what they are required to. The rest, they just don't want to take the initiative to know and find out.
So being QA in all this environment is certainly challenging. But I believe, with teamwork and proper channel of communication, couple with the implementation of proper processes, things might just change for the better. We'll see until the end of this project what happens....
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