Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Register a company online (for Malaysia only)

Apparently it is possible. As I am trying it out, just to share it with you guys as well. Go to www.ssm.com.my, choose e-lodgement. If this is your first time, you would have to do step 2 and 4 under "umum". You would also have to pay RM5 to SSM as subscriber fee. In your choice make sure you choose ROB and not ROC. ROB is for individually owned company as for ROC it is for Sdn Bhd type of company.

Once both of the above done, under business or perniagaan (ROB), do step 1 for name search & step 2 for registration of business. SSM will send the certificate (Borang D) to your email that you have registered with them. If you use own name (MyKad name) then no need do name search & its RM30/yr. However, if you use a trade name then do name search & its total is RM60/yr.

For business info (used to open bank a/c), it can be done, but the information will have to be disclosed later. This information is accurate at the time of posting and from my own personal experience. Have a nice time trying it out.

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