Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Absolute Power - Corrupts

Interesting point to debate, some people say:

Sometimes I understand why Mr Lee Kuan Yew did what he did to raise Singapore from a 3rd world country to its current developed nation status. He had to remove dissent for the greater good of the country.

What I think:

One will never foresee what is a greater good of a country. Well I think LKY has done good in the short run, but it is yet to be proven in the long run. Well I suppose LKY is very sensible and has not succumb to the power, because absolute power corrupts. LKY may (or may not, because I can't be sure) be righteous and one hearted in creating a better future for Singapore, but, truly, a lot of others have failed such as Hitler, Suharto & Thaksin among the more famous ones. They may not have actually failed, but according to text books and article, they are branded ranging from notorious, corrupt to many other names. If we just use wikipedia and search for the work corrupt leader, tonnes will appear as search result for you.

I believe in free speech as well as openness and transparency. I believe in equality and justice. I believe that no one opinion should be greater than the other and all shall be heard. What say you?

~~~ Life is an adventure where we search for the meaning of the outcome.
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