Sunday, May 17, 2009

Of PMP, Farewell and Birthday Gifts

As I mature, I notice that there is a trend that birthday gifts seems to arrive much later (long after my birthday). At the same time I give presents to my friends much later as well. It could well be a few months after before the birthday gift or the Christmas gift finally arrive to my friends. This year is rather special, I received 3 set of pen. One from my insurance consultant (yes, the guy who sells me insurance), from my Cell Group (Light Bearers) and also from my colleague (Woodstock). Well it is all special and I like them all, honestly. Also my Cell Group actually bought me some mini cards on the New Testament. I think it is some cool stuff, that I can bring along and help me reflect during my holidays. Here it is... Thanks for all the gifts, I remember and cherish them very well :)


OK that was about my birthday gifts, next is about farewell. And some friends come and some friends have to move on with their lives. I think it is sad sometimes, but just the chance of knowing someone and remembering them and how good they have been makes me feel that once a friend is made, it is forever. It takes a lot of courage to put down your life here and move on to something totally new. My friend, I totally understand the situation and I would feel vulnerable and sad as well. But, I do hope that you will have the strength and endurance to start your new life there, and remember us here in Malaysia that we will always remember you and have you in our prayers :) And I guess it is cool and we can always drop by and visit them when I decide to go a bit further for my holidays.


Lastly, a bit of story on how and why I disappeared for months without a blog. I guess, I was away doing my PMP examination. It is all done now. I feel so happy and great that it is finally over after putting so much time on it. And it felt such a relief and happiness inside. I felt at that particular moment the result was out, I can sing "You Raise Me Up" (not sure whether that's the right song title), by Josh Groban. And also probably leap into the air to do a slam dunk like Michael Jordan. I have put down so many other things in my life (like blogging) that I can again sit in front of my PC and continue to type away until the cow comes home :) The exam hopefully like everyone else was meant for self improvement and career enhancement :)

Well that is how much I have sacrificed to pass an exam, the excitement thereafter and how my exam meant to me.

What will the other people in my life thinks about it? (warning, this is just my speculation and imagination. Those related and is reading, no offence)

MIL: Lucky only. Probably it is because of my ginseng...

Colleagues: What exam is that?

Boss: I suppose you could do more now... Can you take up the next 5 projects.... (awwww)

Friend: Congratulations, what exam is that, never heard of it ?.?.? 0_o

Just in case you wonder what PMP is, check out

OK folks, take care and stay cool. The Canton-i food is really expensive by the way, tasted ok and the ambience is rather.... cool. I'll write about that as well, but on another day I suppose.


~~~ Life is an adventure where we search for the meaning of the outcome।
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